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Pose Dump

So I finally got around to packaging my poses that I’ve made for my story so far. Not all of them are included since I sometimes tend to half-ass it just to get the pics taken or something wasn’t quite right but I made it work for my story, but it’s not ready for release.

There are 3 sets. You can download them separately or all in one zip file(at the bottom of this post)

First set:

13 14 15 16 25 26 (2) 26 27 31 Screenshot-210

^ You need Tipsy OMSP for this one and i used the book on this page:

You have to mess around with stacking a couple of the OMSP platforms to get the right angle



Second set:

answering checkphone hangover



^This one is a simple variation of the one above it. She just just looking up instead of into the distance.

mocking nearcrash


I noticed when I tested this one later that her eyes aren’t completely closed I guess? For example..


Kind of annoying, but I already packaged it in the poselist so it’s gonna have to stay that way. But on Nessie it looks like her eyes are closed all the way so maybe it has something to do with the eyeshape or something. Anyway, I don’t really think it looks all that bad.


I forgot to get a good preview pic of this one so Vinna will demonstrate the front view


So here is the face for that one.



Last set:

awkward drophand

Alternate view


looktense reliefcall

^This one I made and didn’t use. I meant for it to be used with a phone in her hand, but I think it could be used without it too. It came in handy later though because I used it as a base for the next pose





Now here is the link for all three packs. They are still in 3 separate poselists, just all in one download. 🙂