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New Posepacks Very Soon

Right at this very moment I’m taking pictures to use in the poselists for over 30 poses(maybe more) that I have made for my story.

I’m using my version of Hunter Cottoneye and the Brigitte Bardot sim I made a while back. 🙂

Looking good there, Hunter.


and Brigitte too!


I’m also giggling at this:


Posing is very stressful on sims. 😛


I like your new hair, Hunter. Bahaha



Posepack Preview!

I have more than 100 poses to upload 😮

All of these poses are story poses- some romantic, some sad/intense.

Here is a preview of one of the romantic ones. 🙂 Don Lothario was happy to assist with these. 😛


No new posepack today :/

Sorry, I really wanted to get one out before I left for vacation but I haven’t had the time. I still have so much left to do before I go!

But I will post a preview of one of the pose sets I made 🙂 I totally ❤ this one! This is a shot from my story ^.^